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Why Are We Having Such Weird Dreams Lately | Journal | Villains & Vengeance


Why Are We Having Such Weird Dreams Lately?

Words by Alex Sangwin / Picture by Stefania Infante

29 August 2020 

Okay so 2020 seems to have brought with it, stress and anxiety to a point where getting a restful nights sleep is as likely as finding a lottery winning ticket in your back pocket. And when we finally do get to sleep, our dreams are so strange and vivid - even to those who never dream - as if we added magic mushrooms to our risotto earlier on that day. 

On Twitter, you can find plenty of recollected #Quarandreams - from finding the cure to Covid-19 & then spilling milkshake all over it to watching world leaders squeeze mounds of oranges whilst announcing more bad news.

Right now there are three times more searches on Google for “Why am I having weird dreams” than there were at the start of the year. 

Psychotherapist, Martha Crawford, has deep dived into these Quarandreams and explains how we’re dealing with a very intense cluster of primal anxieties right now that you might be able to relate to. Loss of loved ones, fear of our own lives, fear of suffering, fear of seeing others suffering and loss of contact with the people we love.

We’re trying to keep a lid on and contain our thoughts and emotions in the day, but as night falls, we release that repression mechanism that helps us make sense of these things. So yes, they really are strange times right now, but as with everything, it won't be forever. Keep a routine, exercise if you must or if you're like us... grab a cocktail, sit back, be good to yourself and others. Before you know it, normality will be on the horizon. 

Here’s a tip for your night time routine: 

Keep a small note pad by your bedside to jot down your thoughts, ideas & dreams. In the dead of sleep your head isn’t in control but with a catalogue to refer back to, you may be able to learn a bit more about what’s going on up there.