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Words by Alex Sangwin

25 August 2020

Let's be honest, hoodies aren't leaving our closets any time soon. Is there another garment more comfy and forgiving for your laziness... Not following? If you wash you hoodie after every wear - We're impressed, truly, but you should probably stop reading now and rethink your decisions.

So whilst the hooded sweatshirt - most notable for it's skate-park, shopping-mall and looking-for-trouble fame - is now a fundamental staple in an outfit, what's lacking is our knowledge on how to wear it. You know, instead of looking like you've raided your nephews closet... Learn how to do it well with these top tips according to V&V to combine street smarts with timelessness.


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What's particularly good about the above jersey and outwear combo is the minimalistic clash that makes both layers a staple. Like a Beyonce & Jay-Z hit - You get the picture.


White Motif Hoodie | Hoodies & Sweatshirts | Villains & Vengeance


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Given the hoodie stems from sportswear, it makes sense that it's designed for active pursuits. Endurance isn't a question when it comes to this hoodie, designed to keep up, even when you can't. We took the sporting roots of this pedigree and added a touch of timelessness. After all, since loopback-cotton first came on the scenes in the 1930's, it only made sense to make a hoodie that'll last another 90 years.


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You might think that a heavy weight, soft brushed, looped-back cotton jersey hoodie with recycled ribbed trimmings that's also ethically manufactured sounds just a bit, well, indulgent, but we can bet you’ll be an instant convert as soon as you shrug one on over your shoulders.

“The hoodie’s continued success is down to the fact that comfort is becoming the number one consideration when choosing clothing today. Flipping the hood up and sinking your hands into those deep front pockets into soft, luxurious material just feels great”

Of course, giving this most casual of items a high brow spin will certainly make it feel more polished for all types of occasions. Top tech CEO's know this... Mr Zuckerberg famed for wearing hoodies to business meetings. Who said a suit denotes status when it comes to power moves these days.