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Five T-Shirts You Need This Season | The Journal | Villains & Vengeance


Five T-Shirts You Need This Season

Words by Alex Sangwin

18 August 2020

Maybe it is an overreaction, in response to being housebound for much of 2020, but when I take a look at my wardrobe I see my clothes tired and dull. Splattered in paint from that creative rampage in week three or four of lockdown - I can't even remember!

My point is, ever since COVID hit and spoiled every consideration of travelling in 2020, we seem to think less about the picture-postcard poolside vacation than about adventure. Even if we’re only digging our way to the back of the pantry.

Nothing makes us feel more adventurous than a proper t-shirt. In the modern era of Zoom calls and garden get togethers - socially distanced of course - you don’t need to be wearing a two-pocket shirt to make an appearance inside or outside of work life. Here are a few of our favourites.

The Smart(ish) One

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The Smart(ish) one. Plain on the front with a nostalgic carefree gas station graphic, hand screen printed on the back. If a dressy t-shirt sounds like an oxymoron, we need merely point you in the direction of this graphic t-shirt.

It might seem odd talking about t-shirts in August. Iconic for being the darkest, wettest and windiest Summer month in the UK. But with September a month away, the time to start prepping for a new season is now. Which brings us back to the t-shirt, an item underrated in colder months that will help bridge the gap between summer and autumn as an essential and a layer under sweaters to keep you going through the chillier weather when it arrives.

The Casual One

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Business, meet pleasure. A cross over we encounter every day as we deliver projects and still look good on the daily. This tee is for running any and all ops in the concrete jungle. A print that'll definitely make sure you don't go unnoticed.


Five T-Shirts You Need This Summer | The Journal | Villains & Vengeance

The 'Summer Vibes' One

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Welcome to the jungle. No, we're still not done with palm trees yet. And, neither it seems are you! The POSTER CREW T-SHIRT is flying off our shelves. Perhaps it was the longing for a summer that never was or maybe it's just because palms are always fun. Whatever the case, this standout t-shirt should satisfy all your summer cravings by... Oh, a week, at least!

VILLAINS & VENGEANCE™ State Printed Cotton Crew T-Shirt, Black

The Logo One

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Serious question: When did the 2000's become retro? It's a curious thing when a decade that still feels so fresh is cool again. Yet here we are. Baggy jeans, logo tees and baggy jumpers. Not everyone will look at this tee and think it's for them but that's where they're missing a trick.


The Luxe One

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If you're the type of guy who can't decide to buy a car or a new casual item of clothing on any given day. This one's for you. True, t-shirt's don't need to be fancy but it's very nice when they are. Sustainably made from 100% soft touch ring spun cotton. Turn heads in red.